The Interdimensional Motorway

Everyone has at least a vague idea about the space and time. There are about 7000 million opinions on this matter, only in this corner of the Multiverse. Opinions about what the Universe is, how or who did it, and FOR WHAT, among many other important questions and issues.

Everyone lives in his or her own Reality, the sphere of action, his little universe that interacts with the closer ones, and not at all with those far away. One can feel a person very close to her very center, even if that person is a thousand kilometers away, in other country. Or to perceive a person in another galaxy, even if he is sitting next to you in the couch.

The universe of everyone is absolutely different from that of the guy next door, and can consist in work, family, cars, God, the Environment, books or Bonsai breeding.

Every person is the center of his or her universe. Everyone is secretly convinced (even if doesn’t say it) that Creation was made specifically for that one. And that is applicable to each of the individuals that compose all the dimensions, the real ones, and the imaginary ones.

On the other hand, we have the Time. That big pain in the ass. Time sucks. Everyone has problems with time. Everyone lacks time. Everyone wastes time. An excess of time can kill you. Everyone travels along his timeline like in a motorway, without bumps, jumps or setbacks. Almost always.

We move linearly in the regular 3+1 dimensions, completely unaware of the truth out there.

(Here we are not interested about the Truth. Many people devoted their lives to solve such matter, inconclusively. Our truth is much funnier)

And the truth out there, is that there are much more dimensions apart from those that we know. Such disparate realities that a sane mind is unable to imagine. Those are, indeed, the Parallel Universes.

Most of people has ever listened about the Parallel Universes (it is very difficult nowadays to invent something new). Many of those theories are about versions of each individual replicated in the other realities but for example, being a master of surf, a king, or merely interesting.

If you ask me, I am not so sure about this. Statistically speaking (because you can get that stats always say what you want) what is most probable is that my most similar twin over there has purple tentacles in the head.

So, as I was saying, no one can alter his course by the 3+1 usual dimensions. Not really. Almost no one.


Let’s say that there is one way, only one, of skipping all the boring physics protocols and travel between the Parallel Universes.

I am speaking. of course, about the Interdimensional Motorway.

We can imagine the Interdimensional Motorway as a dizzying and infinite flow of transparent, crossed, bundled and intermingled lanes, along which rides that matter more or less intelligent that dominates the interdimensional travels.

The Interdimensional Motorway

In the Interdimensional Motorway (or IM), at speeds of about 4c (four times the speed of light, the road traffic rules must be respected) one jumps from one Universe to another and from one Dimension to another, through this peace of reality that doesn’t respect at all the laws of the most conventional physics.

The IM is not lineal and has no intention of being that. If we watch at it from our ordinary reference system we see it from the front, next is sideways, and at the same time it dilates and disappears, and the same happens to the different parallel dimensions that drags with it. Some of them at any given time are infinitely separated, and next they touch each other at various points. Some of those points have sense of humor.

One can not simply walk in the IM. Of course not. It is needed a special vehicle.

For example, a witch’s broom.

How such object is capable to sneak in there (and is allowed to stay) is a matter of another post 🙂

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