Resting in a fold of the Interdimensional Motorway there is one of those curious holes (1) that connect two very different dimensions or realities (and at the same time, not so much): the Dimension of Imagination, and ours. The Dimension of Imagination (or DimIm for friends, for lack of a better name), is the fabulous... Leer más →

Imagina que…

Descansando en un pliegue de la Autopista Interdimensional hay uno de esos curiosos orificios (1) que conectan dos dimensiones o realidades muy dispares (y a la vez no tanto): la Dimensión de la Imaginación, y la nuestra propia. La Dimensión de la Imaginación (o DimIm para los amigos, a falta de un nombre mejor), es... Leer más →

The Interdimensional Motorway

Everyone has at least a vague idea about the space and time. There are about 7000 million opinions on this matter, only in this corner of the Multiverse. Opinions about what the Universe is, how or who did it, and FOR WHAT, among many other important questions and issues. Everyone lives in his or her... Leer más →

The mysterious book

Once upon a time, there was a girl, a lonely, introverted little girl, who read tales curled up in her bed to escape her harsh reality at school. She used to tell to herself every night that she somehow was special, and that she should live in the extraordinary places from her books, where magic... Leer más →

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